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Green Goes to the Semi Finals - Climbs to Third in Points Chase



SACRAMENTO RACEWAY PARK: This was the first time the High Speed Motorsports team had raced at the Sacramento facility so they had no data to work from which left them flying somewhat blind. On Friday, their first qualifying attempt was set for 6 pm. They put a mild tune up in it and went to the starting line. The car left good and was on probably a low 6.0 run. But at 3.8 seconds into the run the car had a change of plans! Number 1 and 2 rods broke, shoving a piston into an intake valve, blowing the supercharger off and starting a fire. Troy Green coasted through the lights with a 7.11 at 111. After the safety crew put the fire out they headed back to the pits to begin a thrash. After swapping short blocks out, they decided to sit out the next session to go over things and try to determine what went wrong. With only 14 cars on hand for a 16 car field, they knew they would be in the show. After looking over all the broken parts, they came to the conclusion that it was just a parts failure.

Saturday morning brought rain which lasted all day postponing eliminations until Sunday morning.

The Sunday schedule was to be first round of eliminations at 11 am. When they arrived at the track they learned that they ended up in the 11th spot and would face points leader, Jim Murphy in round one. This would be Green's first time to race Murphy who is as good as they get. Brett Johansen put a tune up in the car that normally runs mid 5.90s pretty easily. As the light turned green, Green was away first and never saw Murphy... his 5.95 at 237 beat Murphy's 6.04 at 243.

Round 2 paired Green with Mike McClennan in Mike Fuller's car. Green definitely owed him one from their final round meeting at Boise when he beat Troy back in May. Payback it was, Green's 5.96 at 240 took care of McClennan's 6.17 to put the HSMS car into the semi finals where they would face Number 1 qualifier Rick White. They went up to the line trying to run a low 5.90. At the green, White was pulling away and Green who drove the car to about 900 ft before shutting it off. White ran a nice 5.83 to Troy's 6.20.

All in all it was a good weekend for the team. Green came to the race 6th in the 2007 AA/FD Points Series and left 3rd place only 28 points behind the leader (Brad Thompson). The final points race of the year is the California Hot Rod Reunion, October 12, 13 and 14 and the Championship is within reach.

Photos and story below.



Green heats the tires for his first (and only) qualifying attempt on Friday afternoon.




The car left good but before half track the engine let loose... number 1 and 2 rods broke, shoving a piston into an intake valve, blowing the supercharger off and starting a fire. Green coasted through the lights with a 7.11 at 111.





Paired with Jim Murphy, the first round of eliminations was what they call a good 'ol drag race.


Green left first (0.088 to 0.096) and never looked back putting the current points leader on the trailer with a 5.954 at 237.95 to Jim's close 6.019 at 343.65.








Round two found Green paired with another tough customer, Mike McClennan.


McClennan cut a great light (0.024) to take an early lead but his 6.177 at 240.00 was no match for Green's 5.962 at 240.64.






The semi-finals paired Green and Rick White, who was having a monster weekend.



Both cars left together but White pulled away in a hurry. By the 900' foot mark Green could see he had no chance of catching the blue car so he shut it off to a 6.20 at 183.11. White carded his forth straight 5.8 run (5.838 at 247.59) for the win.



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