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Nostalgia Nitro Shootout

04-21-07: Fontana, CA. The inaugural Nostalgia Nitro Shootout at California Dragway was conceived and organized by the All American Fuel Dragsters, LLC and the Nostalgia Funny Car Assoc. to showcase their nitro burners to SoCal fans who had never seen these kinds of cars at Fontana before. The one day event was limited to 150 cars that included 5 Top Fuel Dragsters, 11 fuel Funny Cars and a large field of Nostalgia Eliminator 1 cars.

Since this was not an actual race per se, the High Speed Motorsports team took advantage of the exhibition to test the newest generation of M&H "spec" tires and the new Donovan girdle that Tom Shelar developed for the Donovan aluminum hemi block.

Photos and story below.



No, this is not the pits at Fontana... its the parking lot of the Ontario Mills Mall where Dave & Buster's hosted the Pre Race Party and Live Broadcast on KOLA 99.9 radio on Friday. Aside from being fierce competitors, the High Speed Motorsports team are great ambassadors of the sport. Here they unload the car prior to an afternoon/evening of goodwill and lots of fun.


Can you imagine what shoppers thought when they saw a Top Fuel dragster looking for a parking place!


Along with Jack Wright's new funny car, the HSMS dragster was poised at the entrance of Dave & Busters.




Driver, Troy Green was on hand to answer questions, sign autographs and give some fans an up close and personal look at the race car.



Do you think they made this little guy happy?




Into the evening hundreds of folks stopped by to visit. Needless to say, it was a great promotion for the event and excellent exposure for the HSMS sponsors.




The following day, under overcast skies, the very low keyed event didn't warrant a full pit set-up. No awning or mat were needed.



As noted, one of the goals of the day was to test the new bottom end "girdle" for the Donovan engine.


Troy Green explains the changes and advantages of the newly designed billet girdle to WDIFL.com photographer Bob Brown.



The other reason for attending was to test the new M&H slicks. This is a tire that 93 year old Marv Rifchin (the M in M&H) has been working on for three years. It's design and the way they are constructed is very different from previous releases. This will hopefully solved the "chunking" problem the NTF cars have been experiencing the past.


Troy Green starts his burnout for their first test run. John Hashim of M&H Tires can be seen behind the car with an infrared heat gun, checking tire temps. The M&H team are taking this new tire very seriously and are trying to get as much data on them as possible before they hopefully become the only tire used in the class.







Following their respective burnouts, Adam Sorokin and Troy Green back up to the starting line.





Johansen and crew make final adjustments and clean the tires prior to Green staging.




At the hit the tires immediately spun then went up in smoke. Green caught it right away and shut off. This is the same result that previous tests of the tires have yielded (i.e. Brett & Jack Harris) on their first attempts. Early data suggests that the tire will be better, much better, but will require some clutch/tune-up changes to make them work on the bottom end.






Marv Rifchin and John Hashim examine the tire after the abbreviated run.


Brett Johansen and Jack Harris examine and discuss the new tires as well.



Roger McMartin and Troy Green fuel the car prior to the warm-up for the second test run.


Tom Shelar and Brett Johansen prepare the engine for a start-up.



Green waits patiently.



Shelar hooks up the remote starter.


With the engine fired, Shelar checks the timing while Johansen adjusts the idle.


With heat in the engine Brett does the change over from alcohol to nitro.





All is good... ready for their second shot at the cool Fontana track.


With the engine lit, Johansen makes an adjustment before sending Green to the water box.


Green starts the burnout and once again John Hashim was behind him checking the tire temp. For this run the team had reverted back to the tires they ran at the March Meet because they had a tune-up for them that would tell them what they needed to know about the new girdle.






Green, having the track all to himself, backs up with the guidance of Walt Stevens.






Final adjustments made by Johansen as John Hashim gets one last reading off the tire.


This time the car hooked up and left hard.




This run was a planned 660' shut-off. Everything went as perfect as possible. They pulled the motor out Wednesday night following the event and the main bearings looked like they had never been run. So now the team is very excited and ready to make some full runs in Boise next month and they plan to run the new M&H tires.



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