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Sets low ET (5.71) and Top Speed (261)



Bowling Green, KY - June 13 - 15, 2008: After a 2007 detour to not so nostalgic National Trail Raceways in Ohio, the NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion returned to where it started in 2003 and most assuredly belongs - Beech Bend Park Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Back to defend their Top Fuel title and shoot for a fifth straight NHRR win was the High Speed Motorsports/SilverThin Bearings team with Troy Green in the drivers seat.

Unfortunately a fifth win was not in the cards. After setting both ends of the Beech Bend track record (5.727 at 258.67) Green experienced engine problems in the semi-final and lost a very close race to Adam Sorokin. Although disappointed with the loss, the HSMS team firmly believe they have a car that can win the next three major events (Boise, ID. - Fontana, CA. - and the CHRR in October. Further, the loss did not effect Green's position as points leader in the 2008 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series. Points were not on the table for this event.


photos and race results below



The rig arrived at the track on Thursday morning and was pretty much set up by noon.



Tom Shelar (on ladder) got to see some of his family that lives in the Midwest: l-r, his sister Carol, her grandson Dakota, his dad Robert, and Roberts dad, Curly. Braved the trip from Iowa, with a couple small detours. Robert's workplace's CNC shop was 3 feet under water back home.




By Friday morning the entire team was in town and getting the car ready for the first qualifying session.







Top Fuel Qualifying - Session One

3:12 p.m. After clean up from an earlier thunder storm, with skies darkening again the Top Fuel cars had a window of opportunity to beat mother nature and get the first session in.


In spite of the threatening weather, this was one of the largest Friday crowds ever at the NHRR.



Waiting for the signal to fire-up for a single pass.












With the car in reverse after the burnout, Walt Stevens guides Green back to the starting line under the direction of Brett Johansen.









Johansen makes final adjustments to the engine before Green moves in to stage.






Green had some good numbers to half track and then executed a planned shut off with an early chute to clock 6.156 at 176.56. This told crew chief Brett Johansen all he needed to make an all out assault in session two.










Another thunder shower hit shortly after the Top Fuel session and after some water clean up the crew got the car ready for the next session scheduled for Saturday afternoon.




Not everybody was working on the car and didn't need to. For this event the team not only had a full crew from home but several family members who live in the area. There was more than enough help.



Amelia and Dale Singh









Top Fuel Qualifying - Session Two

Saturday - 2:22 p.m - hot and humid - amid the threat of more thunder showers the Top Fuel cars came out for their second shot at what was proving to be an excellent Beech Bend track.


From noon on, the stands and fence areas filled at a steady pace. By late afternoon there wasn't even standing room left. This is the kind of crowd the racers, promoters and sponsors love.






For session two Green was paired with Brad Thompson.


















Both cars left hard and carded good 60' times.



At the other end it was Green getting there first with a 5.836 at 248.93. Thompson started eating a piston or three on the top end and clicked it a bit early to a 5.892 at 222.55.







After the car was serviced after the second session the team had a chance to relax and be entertained by Brendan Murry (who also drives Top Fuel).





With the third session schedule for 8:00 p.m. the car got its warm-up about 6:45.











Top Fuel Qualifying - Session Three

8:00 p.m. The cars were all in the staging lane but couldn't run until the sun set in the was as it is directly in the drivers eyes at this time of day.


Lara Green helps hubby Troy get into his firesuit.






Sunset - fire the fuelers.


Green was the final top fueler out before Cacklefest and had another single.











Johansen told Green to only go 900 feet or so but that plan was abbreviated by tire shake about 300' out.




The weather bureau promised that Sunday would the best day of the weekend - and they didn't lie. The Kentucky sun was shining, the unbearable humidity of Saturday was down to 40% and there were fans in the stands. Life was good.


With the first round of eliminations scheduled for 11:30 the car headed toward the staging lanes at 10:45.




Things kicked off at 11:00 a.m. with Dave McClelland introducing the event Grand Marshall, Dick LaHaie.


Following the National Anthem the first pair of Top Fuel cars were fired. Green was in the second pair matched with Texan, David Pace.





Green rolls through the waterbox to begin his burnout.
















Green was out first by a ton and never looked back.






Green flat unloaded on the troops running low ET and top speed of the event - 5.727 at 258.67 - both ends of the track record.










Feeling pretty good about things the crew serviced the car in preparation of their semi final meeting with Adam Sorokin.






Top Fuel Eliminations - Round Two
2:16 p.m. - its 88 degrees with a track temp of 135.


Suited up, Green got into the car.





Coming off his stunning 5.72 pass in round one, Troy Green was a heavy favorite in his semi final match with Adam Sorokin.












At the hit Sorokin put a ton in the bank (0.023 to 0.094) and we had the best drag race of the weekend.








Behind from the gate, Green was also bit in the ass by a dead #8 hole from A to B. The dropped cylinder coupled with the Sorokin hole shot spelled the end of the High Speed Motorsports quest for a fifth straight NHRR win.




Sorokin moved to the final with a skating, out of the groove 6.063 at 216.17 over a quicker and faster 6.051 at 244.03... Green's slowest full run of the weekend couldn't have come at a worse time.



In spite of the disappointment, the HSMS crew remained a class act responding to the cheers of the fans.



What goes up, must come down. With the racing part of the weekend over, the crew loads up the trailer for the long trip home.




Get home to Anaheim... take the time to go through the car, review the data and then head back up the road to Boise, ID for the Night Fire Nationals in August. The team has ONE goal in mind - the trophy!


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