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Bakersfield, CA - October 10 - 12, 2008: Troy Green and the High Speed Motorsports team was on a mission when they entered the pits of Famoso Raceway - to hold onto their slim points lead and leave on Sunday with a race win and the Top Fuel Championship. Well, the race win was foiled in the semi finals but that is the round that also secured the teams first championship.

Green entered the final race of the season, the California Hot Rod Reunion, leading the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series Top Fuel Points by a slim 3 point margin. After the first round of qualifying Troy sat in the # 3 spot and Murphy set in the # 4 spot. During the last qualifying session Murphy moved up to the # 1 spot but there where several cars yet to run including the High Speed Motor Sports dragster. Brett Harris ran a solid 5.728 to move back into the top spot. That left Troy Green as the last car to run. It would be a solo pass for Green, which turned out to be a jaw dropping peddle job, that the entire crowd was able to clearly hear, as he crossed the strip at 5.722 to take the pole. That gave Troy a 5 point lead in the points and set himself and Murphy on opposite sides of the eliminations ladder. This proved to be the factor that ultimately made the difference in the championship as Brett Harris was able to beat Murphy in the semi finials and seal the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series top fuel championship for Green and the HSMS team.

"I just could not be happier for our team and our great sponsors who have stuck by our side through the good and the bad times," said Green. "We are already looking forward to defending the title next year!"

Highspeed Motorsports wish to thank their loyal supporters for the role they played in helping them win this championship; Mastercam, Cad-Cam Consulting, Highspeed Steel Treating, Silverthin Bearings, A & A Precision, CNC, Donovan Engineering, Howard's Rods, The Blower Shop, East-West Clutches, Arias Pistons, SCE Gaskets, Titan Speed Eng., Dyda Race Engineering, Hoosier Tires West, C&C Automotive, NGK spark plugs and BTs Designs.


The core crew from L to R: Todd Shappie, Sean Bellemeur, Rick Shelar, Tom Shelar, Troy Green, Brett Johansen, Bert Toulette, Walt Stevens and Pete Palumbo.


Since this was the last race of a hard fought season and the end result was so very special for all concerned, this race report will feature an extensive amount of action photos and a special tribute page for the entire crew without whom Green could not have done his job in the seat.

Hopefully what follows will allow everyone to enjoy and share in the thrills experienced by all during this championship weekend.




Friday - Qualifying Session One

2:05 p.m. The first of only two qualifying sessions got under way. Weather conditions: air temperature 63 degrees, relative humidity 24 percent, barometer 29.91 inches, track temperature 88 degrees.



Green with fellow drivers Rick McGee and Denver Schutz.


Under Chamber of Commerce skies, Troy Green made his first burnout of the weekend paired with Rick Williamson.






Backing up from the burnout under the direction of Walt Stevens.





Sean Bellemeur and Brett Johansen made their final adjustments to the engine.




The car left hard on the superbly prepared Famoso track.









After "pedaling" the car before the 330' mark, Green went on to card a very nice 5.812 at 254.95 to land in the #3 hole after session one.









To conform with rules, after every qualifying pass and elimination win the car and driver are weighed to make sure the minimum weight is met.



Saturday - Qualifying Session Two

1:42 p.m. Unlike the March Meet which offers three shots to qualify, the CHRR offered only two which put the tuners and drivers to the test as they have less room for error. After the first season Green was solidly in the field but Johansen et al wanted the #1 spot.


In a tactical move, the team decided to run last (and alone) in the session so they would know what ET they needed to beat to land in the top spot.












After the burnout, one of the more classy and emotional moments of the weekend took place when Brad Thompson, who was the Top Fuel points leader after the Boise Nightfire Nationals (where he crashed and was seriously injured), came out to take the backup hand off from Walt Stevens.








Thompson, still in a neck brace, was not medically approved to race at this event so all he could do is watch his points lead go to either Troy Green or Jim Murphy. Admittedly it was a tough weekend for Brad as is is one of the more competitive drivers in the circuit.




The car left hard racking up another nice 60' time.



















In spite of having to get off and back on the throttle at half track, Green stopped the clocks with a superb 5.722 at 259.06... mission accomplished. The time put Big White in the #1 spot and insured that Green and Murphy could not meet until the final round (should they both get there).


The engine nipped a piston in the lights - an easy fix between rounds.






Needless to say, the crew was ecstatic and acknowledged the cheers of the SRO crowd.






Final Top Fuel Qualifying
1 - Troy Green  5.722 @ 259.06
2 - Brett Harris 5.725 @ 255.46
3 - Jim Murphy  5.746 @ 257.73
4 - Denver Schutz  5.771 @ 255.97
5 - Rick White 5.797 @ 254.45
6 - Rick Williamson  5.920 @ 219.99
7 - Pete Kaiser 5.980 @ 245.70
8 - Shannon Stewart  5.990 @ 216.81
  9 - Adam Sorokin 6.064 @ 231.95
10 - Rick McGee 6.087 @ 237.78
11 - Mike McLennan 6.098 @ 229.06
12 - Terry Cox 6.250 @ 236.03
13 - Mark Malde 6.275 @ 170.48
14 - Jack Harris 6.289 @ 178.39
15 - Brendan Murry 6.403 @ 182.14
16 - Rick Rogers 6.651 @ 240.25



Saturday - Round One of Eliminations

5:03 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 65 degrees, relative humidity 14 percent, barometer 29.90 inches, track temperature 84 degrees. The other difference between the March Meet and CHRR is that the first round of eliminations is run Saturday evening prior to the Cacklefest program.


In the first round the #1 qualifier Troy Green faced the #16 car of Rick Rogers.












Both drivers left together in what would be the closest race of the round.








At the finish line it was Green with a fine 5.783 at 252.59 and he needed every bit of it as Rogers was right there with a 5.823 at 240.64. Green's MOV: 0.0406 seconds (approximately 14 feet).



During the pre race ceremonies Sunday morning Rick Peters handed over 10 $100.00 bills for his #1 qualifying effort. Cash is always a good thing.




Todd Shappie and Brett Johansen checked out the track prior to the round. However, this looks more like a bad Broadway dance group.



Sunday - Eliminations - Round Two

11:51 a.m. Following the pre race ceremonies, the second round of Top Fuel kicked off under another sunny sky.


For round two Green was paired with the always tough Adam Sorokin in the RB Entertainment fueler.
















Sorokin was out first but Green caught him before the 330' mark.


















Sorokin shut off early while Green's 5.701 (career best ET) at 254.02 served notice that Murphy better be on his game as it's the two of them battling for the series title in Top fuel. By this round both had passed Brad Thompson, who could not get medical clearance to run this weekend, and the first to lose would give the title to the other. High drama - big league pressure for sure. Only Green held a hole card - the 5 point lead that could make all the difference in the world.



This time the engine smoke in the lights was more than a damaged piston - a connecting rod broke at the end of the run which meant the team would have to put a new engine in the car for their semi final match-up with Rick White.





The ace Famoso Safety Safari was right there by the time Green stopped the car. Troy was fine - the car was not.


Keeping pace with Murphy, the crew celebrated another round win.









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