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 8th NHRR      

3 drivers - 6 wins - HSMS dominates Bowling Green



Bowling Green, KY - June 18-20, 2010: For an unprecedented 6th time in 7 trips to Bowling Green the High Speed Motorsports team stood in the winners circle. More astounding is that fact that this years winner, Brad Thompson, is the third team driver to win this prestigious event. Previously the title went to drivers Sean Bellemeur and Troy Green.

As is common in Kentucky this time of year, the weather was very hot and humid - in a word oppressive. But that didn't stop crew chief Brett Johansen from tuning Thompson to the #1 qualifying spot with a 5.89 at 254.38.

After marching through the field in eliminations Thompson landed in the winner's circle with a 5.921 at 250.23 win in the final over Roger "Radar" Lechtenberg in Dale Suhr's Iowa based fueler who smoked the tires and pedaled to a 6.306 at 237.

According to Johansen, "It's not getting any easier that's for sure but winning never gets old. I can't say enough about Brad and the guys, they were absolutely flawless all weekend. The car would have ran another 255 or better in the final but it started to black track just past half track and dropped #7 @ 4.8 sec. in fact, the car never ran over 200 to half track all weekend and Brad pedaled it every run."

As a side note, Thompson won the 2008 NHRR in his own car so that means this current combination has actually won 7 of the 8 events held in Bowling Green. That kind of adds to the dominance factor.

2003 - Roger "Radar" Lechtenberg - Dale and Kat Suhr Racing
2004, 2005, 2006 - Sean Bellemeur / HSMS
2007 - Troy Green - HSMS
2008 - Brad Thompson - Thompson Bless Racing
2009 - Troy Green - HSMS
2010 - Brad Thompson - HSMS




In the heat of the day, the first qualifying session went off on Friday afternoon.


Crews examined the 130+ degree track hoping to get close on their initial tune-ups.


In a gutsy move, the HSMS team chose to be the first pair out. Brad Thompson was paired with Denver Schutz in the Raisin Express II entry.












Final adjustments by Crew Chief Brett Johansen and Great White moved into the lights.



Tuned on the side of caution, the leave was clean but a little soft.







No tire smoke from either car as Schutz ran a solid 6.006 at 240.77 with Thompson clicking it early to a 6.209 at just 227.10.




With no relief in the heat (but solid data from Friday) the second qualifying session found Thompson making a single in the right lane.










In spite of the high temps, the track was in excellent condition and Thompson's leave racked up good early numbers.













Right down Broadway Thompson went low for the event with a solid 5.897 at 254.38.





The #1 qualifying spot came at a price... a broken rod necessitated an engine swap which was not something they wanted to do in 100 degree heat loaded with humidity.








With the new Donovan in place, they were ready for session three.







Their attempt to set the best time even lower was foiled by a fuel leak which forced a shut down.

Final qualifying order:
1. Brad Thompson  5.897 @ 254.38
2. Roger Lechtenberg  5.924 @ 223.99
3. Denver Schutz  5.962 @ 229.00
4. Troy Green  5.986 @ 249.39
5. Howard Haight  5.995 @ 242.15
6. Rick Rogers  6.011 @ 242.06
7. Ernest McClain  6.131 @ 226.39
8. Brendan Murry  6.146 @ 200.14
Dave Miller  6.421
Keith Bergen  6.753
Lincoln Hassell  6.970
Joe Krupinski  7.767
Randy Bridges  10.701

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