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 2010 March Meet




Bakersfield, CA - March 05-08, 2010: Horrible economy and a mixed bag of adverse weather conditions aside, the 2010 edition of the March Meet wrapped up on Monday with a hugely popular win in Top Fuel. After getting the best of Brad Thompson in the High Speed Motorsports entry in the semis, Adam Sorokin went on to win his first race in a fuel dragster carding a 5.764 at 241.61 to beat Howard Haight's 5.935 at 248.23.

In his first start as the new driver for HSMS, Thompson did a masterful job of keeping his still unfamiliar ride on all fours during two days of a very tricky track during qualifying. After winning the first round of eliminations on a hole shot, and flat outrunning his opponent in round two, Brad got his one mistake of the season over with when he caught his first red light ever in Top Fuel against eventual winner, Adam Sorokin.

All in all, the team left Bakersfiled confident that they are a contender for the 2010 points chase and plan to contest all the Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series through out the season.

High Speed Motorsports wish to thank their loyal supporters for the role they play in helping them to continue to do what they love; Mastercam, Cad-Cam Consulting, Highspeed Steel Treating, SilverThin Bearings, RMS Healthcare, A & A Precision CNC, Donovan Engineering, Howard's Rods, The Blower Shop, East-West Clutches, Arias Pistons, SCE Gaskets, Titan Speed Eng., Dyda Race Engineering, Hoosier Tires West, C&C Automotive and NGK spark plugs.


Tom Shelar, Dale Singh and their new driver, Brad Thompson.



After getting set up on Thursday the order of business for Tom Shelar, Pete Palumbo and Frankie Hedge was to get the new body unwrapped and on to the car.





Fresh out of the paint shop, the new tin fit perfect and the new, livelier color scheme came out great.




On Friday the rest of the team rolled in to prep the car and get the "signage" on the new body.










With the first session scheduled for 3 PM the car was warmed up about 2 PM.






Friday - Qualifying Session One







Following 55 minute clean up of a 2500 ft oildown from a car in another class, the first session of TFquaifying got under way 2 hours late and 20 degrees too cold. Brad Thompson would be paired with Mike Chrisman.


Along with the new paint scheme the team was sporting new uniforms.








Walt Stevens guided Thompson back with the direction of crew chief, Brett Johansen.





Rian Konno walks on the right side to make sure nothing is leaking.






Sean Bellemeur and Johansen made their last minute adjustments to the engine.




With Shelar video taping the run, Thompson moved in to stage.



Thompson had a decent launch and carded an accepable 60' time.










But the cold track was unforgiving and Thompson was unable to stay in the groove (as if there was one).






After a couple of fruitless attempts to hook up Brad, getting close to the wall, called it quits and coasted through with a 7.23 and just 131.35.












With the merging of the HSMS and Thompson & Bless racing teams its now even more of a production to get everyone fed. That job goes to Nicko Fusano.







Saturday - Qualifying Session Two

With time already running short and the weather still a problem, the third quaifying session was scrubbed from the progam leaving just one more shot for the fuelers to figure out how to get down a very tricky track. Once again the session was late in the afternoon and the track temp had dipped into the 60s.


Arlene Eliason and Walt Stevens






Thompson started his burnout with James Day in the other lane.























Another good launch and early numbers were for naught.










Before the 330' mark the tires spun hard and Thompson was out of the groove again only this time to the left.







Day spun the tires as well and clicked it.


Both Thompson and Day coasted through. To illustrate just how tough getting down the track in quaifying was, Thompson held on to the #10 spot with his 7.23.





Back in the pits Nicko was starting dinner while the team did some routine maintenance on the car.






Previous HSMS driver, Troy Green stopped by with David Pace.






Ready for Sunday - which had to be a better day.



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