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Bakersfield, CA - 10/20/13: The 22nd edition of the California Hot Rod Reunion disappointed no one. It lived up to its rock star billing and then some. The weekend featured Chamber of Commerce weather and a race track second to none. There was no doubt that Auto Club Famoso Raceway operators Blake and John Bowser had their facility ready for what was the largest CHRR ever.

Add to that the hard working folks from the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum and the crew at Famoso insured those in attendance enjoyed 3 full days of great racing, tons of cacklecars and the reason the reunion started in the first place, tons of friends getting together while we still can.

This event marked the end of a transition year for the HSMS team. The loss of Dale Singh prior to the March Meet changed the way the season was approached and was a factor for a limited schedule. All things considered, Tom Shelar decided that 2013 would be a good year to regroup, test and forge plans for the future.

The 2013 season was filled with ups and downs but at the end of the day the team feel confident they can go into the 2014 season with a leg up feeling confident they will be enjoying competitor status with the front running teams.

Until then, here are a few shots from the CHRR weekend.



We'll open with the team unloading on Thursday and getting the car ready for the first qualifying session on Friday.


















59 to a game 5.885 at 237.

Saturday - Qualifying Session Two


Leading off was Bill Dunlap in the High Speed Motorsports fueler and Brendan Murry in his Running Wild entry. Both cars were shut off with leaks in session one.







Dunlap was away first.








Murry had a forgettable outing. In the first session he got shut off at the line with a leak and then he split the dry sump tank when a faulty check valve let crankcase pressure rise in the tank that split a weld that cost him this 5.88. The rule is, you oil the track, the run does not count. Period. DNQ., just what an already short field needed.

Dunlap put Great White in the show with a safe 6.039 at just 202.85.




Saturday - Round One of Eliminations


The final pair of round one featured Bill Dunlap and Terry Cox.













Tom Shelar and Sean Bellemeur made their final adjustments to the engine.



Both cars left basically together and hey, we had a drag race.












Both cars stayed together to the 1200' mark when Dunlap put a nose ahead and held it with a 5.816 at 237.59 to a game 5.885 at 237.05.




Sunday - Round Two of Eliminations


Following the pre-race ceremonies Top Fuel was first out. After a disappointing first round, the cream had risen to the top for round two. First pair out was Bill Dunlap and Denver Schutz who, at the time, was the quickest car in the field.







Knowing the HSMS car was not ready to run a 5.6, Tom Shelar gave Dunlap a 5.80 tune up and hoped for Schutz to stumble.






Schutz carded another dandy, a 5.671 at 255.48 to move to the semis. Dunlap clicked it early to save parts in a fruitless effort.






And with that the 2013 CHRR was in the books for the HSMS team leaving them to look forward to the 2014 March Meet. Check back for team updates over the winter. Thanks to all our sponsors and fans for your support!



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