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Bakersfield, CA - March 12, 2013:

The 55th edition of the fabled March Meet offered a mixed bag of weather which didn't help the program schedule at all. The temps on Thursday (50's) morphed into the mid 70's by Sunday. Saturday saw a high temperature of just 61 degrees with track temps in the mid 60's. With the Friday fuel sessions canceled due to rain, two sessions were crammed into Saturday with round one of eliminations put off until Sunday which was a perfect 72 degrees.

Rolling into the pits of Famoso Dragway on Wednesday the team had two objectives. One was to make strides with the never ending improvements being made on the car and more importantly, to honor the memory of their late CEO, Dale Singh who passed away in February.

Along with the other teams, the weather issues threw Tom Shelar and the High Speed Motorsports team off their program. Forced into two qualifying sessions on cold track Saturday, Shelar was unable to accomplish what they wanted with the car and was left behind the 8-ball for eliminations.

However, on Sunday the 8-ball factor didn't come into play as a round one red light by Dunlap abruptly ended the weekend. The upside was they experienced very little parts damage and did log some good information.

Here are a few shots from the weekend.




Thursday Test Session


The track was in full swing on Thursday for testing. Having made several changes to the car since October Team Manager Tom Shelar wanted to take advantage of it.




The game plan was to make a half track run then do a tear down to see what things looked like.





In hind sight, the way qualifying went down it would have been good to get another run in on this day.




After the run Darrell Reid and Tom Shelar grab the pistons as Rick Shelar shoves them up.







Qualifying Session One

2:27 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 58 degrees, relative humidity 60 percent, barometer 29.54 inches, adjusted altitude 561 feet, track temperature 71 degrees.

The second pair out for the session was Bill Dunlap in the High Speed Motorsports entry of Tom Shelar. The HSMS team was racing in memory of Dale Singh.

In the other lane was defending MM champion Jim Young in the Illinois based Crop Duster owned by Frank & Debra Ousley.





Tom Shelar and Sean Bellemeur made their final adjustments to the engine.



Both cars had solid leaves.












Dunlap was in test mode and shut off early to a 6.068 at 211.49.





Once back in the pits Car Chief Rick Shelar got the routing maintenance set up and rolling.



Sonny Diaz dropped by to help Walt Stevens do his job as overseer.




Shelar poured over the computer data from the run.


Dunlap's jobs are mixing the fuel and packing the chutes. This would be the former.





Todd Swinford takes care of the bottom end.


Arlene Eliason is in charge of hospitality and does a fine job of it.








Qualifying Session Two

6:35 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 61 degrees, relative humidity 62 percent, barometer 29.55 inches, adjusted altitude 760 feet, track temperature 59 degrees.


Due to the late hour and diminished track conditions only a few of the cars opted to come out for the second session. Two that did were Bill Dunlap and Jim Murphy.







Nobody was shooting in Dunlap's lane. They left close together and were just 0.001 different at sixty feet. Murphy stayed close to right at the 660 lights, where Dunlap's' header flames went down. Murphy stayed on the power until near the 1000 foot lights, where his engine went silent too.



Top Fuel Round One

11:30 a.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 60 degrees, relative humidity 59 percent, barometer 29.62 inches, adjusted altitude 571 feet, track temperature 66 degrees.

The final pair of round one pitted Bill Dunlap and Jim Murphy. Due to the weather and a late second qualifying session neither car had much in the way of good data.









This race was over before it started when Dunlap went red.








And with that the 55th March Meet was in the books for the HSMS team.



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