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Sunday - Eliminations Round One


Sunday eliminations were opened up by Mendy Fry and Bret Williamson.

















Fry took the win with a 5.601 at 251.95 which was the quickest time of the meet. Williamson called it quits carding a 6.339 at 148.44.










After doing routine maintenance, the car was ready to warm up. This is when they found an issue with the blower. So, now working against the clock, the top end of the engine came back off and it was time to thrash.


The spare blower came out and the swap over began.













At this point time was running out, then it wasn't. There were some clean up issues on the track that put the program on hold.








Tom Shelar designed and machined this unique 2 piece blower manifold . It truly is a piece of functional art. He also designed and machined 2 piece manifold for several Big Show Top Fuel and Funny Cars.



Bottom end Jake installing the oil containment system,



What sounds like a simple task took every extra time they got.






With just minutes left, Mendy jumped in the seat and they did a brief fire-up.






The spare blower had no issues but Shelar had a little dilemma as this was not as good as the one they had to take off.




Sunday - Eliminations Round Two


After Murphy won his race over Sorokin, the second pair of heavy hitters to see who would meet Murphy in the final were Mendy Fry and Jim Young.









Young left first with a 0.064 RT leaving Fry to play catch up after a 0.103 light and he would use all that advantage.





















In a very close race Young's hole shot paid huge dividends. Although he didn't know it a the time his 5.653 at 261.78 held off Fry's quicker 5.638 at 260.66. This would earn him a single for the event win.



On behalf of Tom Shelar and the rest of the MSMS Team we want to thank all our sponsors, supporters and fans. You all add your High to our Speed. See everyone in about 3+ months, see you all in Bakersfield.



Friday/Saturday - Qualifying



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