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Sunday morning and it was game time. Warm up the car and get ready to roll for the first round of eliminations.















The third pair pitted #1 Tony Bartone against #8 Mendy Fry. Judging by qualifying alone, Bartone was the heavy favorite.











Fry left first as Bartone double clutched the leave which totally threw him off.















Not knowing that Bartone had got out of the groove and ended up in her lane, Fry kept the pedal on the firewall.








Shelar swung for the fence and nailed it. Fry went low for the meet with a 5.594 (low ET of the meet) at 249.26. Quite a step up since her previous best run for the weekend was a 6.027.






Bartone coasted through still in Fry's lane.




Now the crew really had something to cheer about.




Round Two of Eliminations


Tom Shelar and the legendary Roland Leong check out the track which had cooled along with the air temp.



For the semi final Mendy Fry was paired with rookie Pete Wittenberg.









Wittenberg got the jump off the line but Fry made it up by the 60' mark.













Wittenberg was done by half track.
















Fry moved to the final with a 5.783 at only 220.76.






After rain stopped the eliminations on Sunday it was left to Monday to write the final chapter of the 2017 March Meet. The Top Fuel final was scheduled for 11:30 so the car was warmed up an hour earlier.







Note how sparse the pits are. Everybody who was done had left.
















Off to the staging lanes and a date with Jim Murphy.






In the Top Fuel final it was Jim Murphy who was seeking his elusive fifth March Meet title against Mendy Fry who was shooting for her first major win, period.





For Murphy win #5 was denied when his throttle stop failed on the burnout allowing the engine to go like 11,000 rpm. As a result, the fuel pump drive broke rendering his engine DOA.






As Murphy's crew pushed him back, Fry got the one finger from the starter meaning she would have a single.




Fry left hard and had stout early numbers.




















Stopping the clocks with a 5.598 at 252.66 Fry proclaimed she would have been hard to beat had Murphy raced. As many do, the High Speed guys could have played it safe and saved the parts, but that's not the way Tom rolls. Relaying a signal from Shelar, Sean Bellemeur gave Mendy the go-for-it nod, and she did.


The team started the celebration right on the starting line.



One happy girl!












Last to arrive were Cole Coonce (Mendy's husband) and team owner, Tom Shelar.


Mendy and Walt Stevens





Whit Bazemore filming in the background.







Tom and Jim Murphy


Geno and Harley were among the well wishers.














Next stop, Bowling Green, KY



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