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Takes Commanding Points Lead





Boise, Utah: 08.14.2018:

One of the oldest major sporting events in the Pacific Northwest is the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals. The signature event of Firebird Raceway takes place in the foothills above Idaho’s capital city of Boise, a 47th year tradition in western Idaho. Both AA/Funny Car and AA/Fuel Dragster took center stage in the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series chase all three days competing on what was the hottest weather weekend of racing in track history.

Tom Shelar and his High Speed Motorsports team came into Boise riding a wave of success that hasn't been seen in this class for several years. Their sole intent was to win the race and extend their already large points lead. Mission accomplished.

Driving through violent tire-shake, Mendy Fry took the 47th Pepsi Nightfire Nationals Top Fuel victory running Low ET and Top Speed of the meet. Her 5.66 ET at 254 MPH blast in the “High Speed Motorsports” AA/Fuel dragster at Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho punctuated a incredible display of performance and driving. “It [tire shake] was pretty bad — I didn’t think I was going to make it. The team gave me a great car, and I didn’t screw up,” said Mendy.

Runner-up Dusty Green pushed Steve Harwood’s “Nitro-Hemi” to a 6.04 ET at 198 MPH in the final after his holeshot-assisted 2nd-round battle with Pete Wittenberg was settled by few thousandths of a second margin of victory. “It was a great weekend for the Nitro-Hemi team. We had a good run against Pete and just didn’t have enough for the High Speed Motorsports team”, said Dusty.

After tire smoke in the first qualifying session, Fry carded low ET on every session/round the rest of the weekend. With a skip in their step the team will be contesting the Nitro Nationals at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park in Tulsa, OK. September 21-22.

But for now, on behalf of High Speed Motorsports, we hope you enjoy this in-depth coverage of another huge win.

Photos by Arlene Eliason





Friday 3:30 - The last car out for the session was Mendy Fry in the High Speed Motorsports points leading fueler.





High Speeds perpetual out front back up guy, Walt Stevens did his thing.







After a great 60' time the drag would not hold the Shelar tune-up.




Up in smoke, Fry did the right thing shutting off and coasting through.






Because of their abreviated run in Q1, Fry had to go first in the second Friday's second qualifying session. This turned out to be a good thing.


Car Chief Rick Shelar fired the engine and removed the starter.









Team owner and crew chief, Tom Shelar made his final adjustments to the fuel system.






The car left hard and recorded great early numbers.





Give Shelar one run on a track that fails and you can bet his second shot will be on target. Fry went from #8 to #1 with a 5.774 at just 213.91 which suggested it was a 1000' hit.








The third and final qualifying session went off on Saturday and Mendy Fry was paired off with good friend Adam Sorokin driving the Champion Speed Shop entry out of San Fransicso.








Bob McClennan made the final adjustment on his car, Shelar did the same.



Fry left before green but in qualifying that matters not.





Once again Fry wows the field with a 5.68 at 249.81 which cemented her #1 spot while Soroking stayed #2 with a 5.850 at 237.71.







Shelar chose to be the last pair of the session. This could have easily beeen a final at most races, Mendy Fry and defending Top Fuel champion Jim Murphy. However, at this race Murphy had nothing but trouble in qualifying and Fry did not. It was #1 vs #8.









Neither RT was stellar yet both cars basically left together.











But as fate would have it Murphy again had engine issues and was forced to shut off. It mattered not to Fry you ran low ET of the meet. Her 5.678 at 253.47 was just another statement in what was becoming a long list of High Speed statements.






Its Sunday and is the norm in Boise, this stands were a mere reflection of the large crowds of Friday and Saturday, Church you know.


For round two it was the right lane 2nd pair. Mendy Fry faced the ever improving Tyler Hilton.













Fry got a slight jump but Hilton hung in.






Fry pulled away to another stellar pass. Her 5.697 at 231.00 got the best of a game Hilton who stepped up with a career best 5.886 at 249.81. Fry would meet Dusty Green in the final.




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