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Bakersfield, California, Oct.2019 - Mendy Fry is the 28th California Hot Rod Reunion Top Fuel Champion. Fry drove the High Speed Motorsports dragster to victory with a 5.52 ET at 264 MPH after runner-up Pete Wittenberg red-lighted in his Circuit Breaker machine, disqualifying a 5.64 ET at 248 MPH. Fry arrived at Auto Club Famoso Raceway with her second NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Season Championship already clinched and won the race for the second year running.

"The final was nuts," Fry said. “I thought I lost on a holeshot. I was beyond shocked and amazed that I did that. I walked off in the field at the top end because I couldn't bear facing the team having let them down in that way. Then I found out Wittenberg red-lighted, and I screamed with joy like a little girl. I am so proud of Sean Bellemeur and the team for digging deep and making this win happen."

Fry's fifth consecutive Heritage Series event win was an emotional moment for the entire team as they triumphed in honor of High Speed Motorsports team founder and crew chief Tom Shelar, who unexpectedly passed away in August.

Fry set Low ET of the meet in Round One with a 5.522-second win against Dan Horan Jr., who was behind the wheel of an all-new dragster built as a tribute to his departed father, Top Fuel driver "Digger" Dan Horan, Sr. Fry also clocked event Top Speed with her 5.526-second 264 MPH Final Round win to conclude the 2019 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series Nostalgia Top Fuel racing season.

Mendy summed up the weekend with this thought. "We all did our jobs, but there was a presence and energy missing,” Fry said. “Tom was so much fun. Such a force and a tremendous leader. And he was a heck of a tuner. We had a 5.60 (second) bracket car. Tom flat-out got it. We did this for him.”

Now, without further ado, we present the weekend with Team High Speed and the Shelar family. Lots of photos making sure everyone can remember an exciting and emotional three days.


Leading off, a few candid shots from Friday afternoon when the team was getting ready for the first qualifying session.


Tuner Sean Bellemeur was constantly tending to the engine, as Tom did.


Nobody's better than Car Chief Rick Shelar at paying attention to details from the front wheels to the chutes.


Senior crew member Walt Stevens prepped a fleet of sparkplugs.


Mendy hams it up as Larry Shelar and Carol Dobson made sure the pre-run check list is followed to the letter. Another facet of organization that makes this team click.


First warm-up of the weekend.

















"Wheelchair Bill" is a huge High Speed fan and can often be found in their pit.



After the warm-up there was nothing to do but take 5 and wait for the call to the lanes.




Arlene Eliason, Don Ewald and Dan Kaplan


Frankie Hedge, Maria Stevens, Patrick Shelar, Danielle Berger, Patrick's mom and Tom's life partner and Mendy.



Joe Walla with his soon to be fiance (he proposed Saturday) Sandra Reynolds.


Mendy with Sean and Kiera


The Bellemeur family was out in force. Ashley, Baby Audrey, Kiera and Peyton, the oldest.


The traditional pre race team peptalk.




Friday - 1st Qualifying Session


The third pair of the first of three quaifying sessions would be a classic final round match up at any drag race. 76 year old Jim Murphy out of Santa Rosa, CA, in his "WW2 Racing" entry up against newly crowned 2019 Top Fuel Champion Mendy Fry from Los Angeles driving the High Speed Motorsports monster.




Walt Stevens has been the High Speed BUG (Back Up Guy) for years, its an art form.




Sean never asked for, nor did he ever want the role that Tom Shelar played race in and race out on his car. But fate dealt the hand and Sean played it well. Here making the final tweaks on the potent hemi.














As she has done so many times before Mendy comes out of the box with a back breaking number. Her 5.595 at just 237.42 was a full two tenths quicker than Murphy's 5.730 at 247.07 which was good for #2 for the day.





Saturday - 2nd Qualifying Session




As he's done so many times before, Sean bolts Mendy in.





Rick (Shelar) never stops paying close attention to what ever is happing to the car.


Pair two of Q2 paired Mendy and Pete Wittenberg, both were solidly in the show.






Amanda Wakefield, wife of High Speed Motorsports bottom end specialist, Kyle Wakefield got all Wonder Woman to back up Pete. HSMS shared her since Walter Stevens is the High Speed "BUG" LOL!







Wittenberg lit up the tires before the tree. Home run swing gone foul.











Mendy clicked it early, and needless to say, neither improved.




Saturday - 3rd Qualifying Session


Pair two of Q3 featured #1 Mendy and Adam Sorokin who was on the outside looking in. A very rare spot for the Champion Speed Shop car.

















Mendy didn't improve but was still low for the session. Her 5.70 at just 207 supplied all the data needed for E1. As for Sorokin, a 6.23 put the last nail in the Champion coffin. He, Bobby and the team would be spectators on Sunday. A role none are used to.












Elimination Rounds

Final Round & Winners Circle



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