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Mendy had already nailed down the 2019 NHRA Heritage Top Fuel championship but that was then and this was now, the mission was not completed. With the passing of team owner/tuner Tom Shelar shortly after the Spokane Nitro Nationals, Team High Speed was determined to cap the season with a CHRR win.


Friendship aside, she faced Pete Wittenberg in the final and he wanted the win as well. Being the second quickest car in the filed, Wittenberg did have the cards to play in Mendy's game. Plus, he had Jim Young out to twist the knobs on his tune-up.





















Right here is where a bad news/very good news story begins. Wittenberg knew a 5.7 was not going to win this race. He had to take the only shot he had and he missed. His -0.254 red ended this race before it started. BUT, as Steve Harvey said, here is the rest of the story.


Then the drama began. Mendy was so focused on cutting a safe light, she had no clue that Wittenberg had gone red. Her 0.087 light was spot on. But in her mind it was a mile late.







The team did see the red and were going wild.




At this point Mendy could see Pete's chutes and he's not shutting off. Her mind is saying, "How could I be so friggin late?"









This is what a -0.254 red light and a 0.087 green light look like on the track when two strong cars are racing.















When the High Speed car is in a final, Don Ewald positions himself at the second turn out to shoot. Being so far way he had no clue how the race went. Mendy turned off and he looked at her, she shook her head no. Knowing all the emotions involved in this particular race, his heart dropped.


Back on the starting line it was pandemonium.



As Don watched her get out of the car neither of them knew what was going on at the starting line, She did what she had to do with the car and walked off into the dirt. Remember, it was told to you from the start this was a bad news/very good news story.






This face tells you everything you need to know about the passion of Mendy Fry. At this moment in time she still thought she'd lost on a hole shot.


What a difference a few seconds make. The news came from the top end safety crew that Wittenberg had gone red and she was the champ x2. Ewald stated, "I have never seen a more drastic mood swing in my life."





Whit Bazemore rolled up to do the video interview.



Pete and Mendy, no clue what was said.


Sean Bellemeur was the first to arrive and this says it all.










Fast forward to the Winners Circle with a cast of many.



By the time the team took the stage for the championship trophy and event win, some Crown and a lot of Coors had been consumed. However Mendy had the honor of opening the "Official Bottle" - the winners circle pass-around.




Brother Rick was next with a toast to Tom.





Donnie (Ho)


Patrick to Dad



Jake and brother Larry


.Sister Carol



Sean gets his turn.



Senior crew member Walt



Alanna wasn't shy.


Eric puts his dent in the bottle.



Nick tips it


Passes it to Kyle



Crown aside, they got down to National Dragster type photos.














The Girls of HSMS











So ends a season of ups and downs, sadness and celebration. The entire High Speed team would like to thank their sponsors and fans for their support on and off the track.

2020 is still in limbo according to Patrick Shelar who stated, "Still need to figure out if the car is running next year and if so, at what capacity."

Updates well be released as received.



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