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The NHRR is different from the CHRR in several ways one being it wraps up on a Saturday instead of Sunday. Following the National Anthem the first pair was #1 Mendy Fry and #8 Jerry Hangey.










Playing it safe Fry didn't exactly saw down the tree but her 0.162 RT left Hangey's 0.586 RT in another time zone. Game, set, match.














The MPH tells the story. Left a lot on the table.







Sean Bellemeur strapping Mendy in prior to her E2 match with Tyler Hilton. Jim Young had already won his semi-final match up so this race would determine who would face him in the final.












In a very classy show of respect, the car paid tribute to Gloria (Gordy) Gibbs who passed away a month earlier. Then there's the Nitro Kitty ears on the top of the cage.






Hilton left first but his advantage was short lived.






Hilton's jump went away in tire smoke. Knowing the strength of the High Speed car they had to load it for bear.








Fry's 5.589 at 261.57 was good for the win and lane choice in the final.






Fry ready to load in for her date with Jim Young. For the second year in a row they would go for the gold at Bowling Green.


Fulfilling his lot in life the irrepressible Walt Stevens awaiting the final round burnout of Mendy Fry. #2 qualifier Jim Young was in the other lane.


















Young grabbed three hundredths on the tree, two of the best were off and running.















Before half track Fry was in control.




At the end of the day the story for 2019 was a redux of 2018. Fry took home the Wally in a close race. Young was a tenth off all weekend and that's what spelled defeat in the final. Great drag race, great drivers.



Team High Speed - A job well done.







High Speed Motorsports consistently has the largest team at each and every race, no matter where they are. Once again Tom Shelar and his fifth different driver to win the NHRR, Mendy Fry whooped it up with a few of this day's clan for the 9th time in the Bowling Green Winners Circle.


See ya in Boise....



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