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Tulsa, OK. (Sept 21, 2019) – The 2019 Osage Nitro Nationals is in the books and although it featured abbreviated nitro fields, the top Heritage Series points players were on hand. In Top Fuel it was Adam Sorokin and Jim Murphy in a last ditch effort to stop the Juggernaut known as High Speed Motorsports and defending champion, Mendy Fry who has only lost 2 races in the last two years. Valiant and expensive efforts aside, Murphy went out in round one and Sorokin was once again the runner-up to who is now a two time champ.

As an exclamation mark, Mendy clocked low ET and Top Speed of the meet in the final. Her 5.604 at 258.07 drove past Sorokin's 5.980 at just 186.54.

Following the unexpected passing of High Speed Motorsports owner/tuner Tom Shelar just days after the team's last win, the decision was made by Tom's son Patrick and brother Rick to finish out the season in Tom's memory. To make this outing even more meaningful, the entire Shelar family was on hand for the emotional two days in Oklahoma. The last part of this coverage is dedicated to them and the rest of Team High Speed.

Thus, with heavy hearts, Team Highspeed headed to Tulsa in full force to finish what Tom started. Taking over the tuning duties were two very qualified vets who both, at one time or another, drove for HSMS. Current NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car champion, Sean Bellemeur and vet tuner/driver/engine builder, Troy Green.

Using stored data, the duo along with car chief Rick Shelar followed a tried and true formula to once again qualify #1 by a bunch and do what had to be done to get to the winners circle where a large bottle of Crown Royal was waiting. With only two quaifying sessions, they came out swinging on Friday night laying down an "easy" 5.668 at 222.40. With that under their belt they chose to sit-out Q2 on Saturday afternoon and get ready for eliminations that evening.

With these thoughts in mind, find ou the rest of the story in the coverage below.

Special thanks to Arlene Eliason who did a great job of covering the event. Very huge task for one photographer to cover an entire show,


The Team: Sean & Ashley Bellemeur, Erik & Leslie McMorrow, Frankie Hedge, Angela Reeves, Donnie Ho, Jake Dungan, Nick San Angelo, Mario Campos, Troy Green), Alanna Kuhn, Walt Stevens and Mendy all lined up, Tom's sister, Carol Dobson, Patrick Shelar, Rick Shelar, Lary Shelar and Maria Stevens. Kyle Wakefield not shown.





Once the pit was set up and the car unloaded, the team went about getting ready for a test pass in the afternoon. Walt Stevens getting the spark plugs ready for battle.


Leslie McMorrow and Rick Shelar with Frankie Hedge in the background.


Nick San Angelo checking the bottom end.


Rick paying attention to engine details.


Larry Shelar (Tom's brother), Patrick Shelar (Tom's son), Stephanie Shelar (Rick's daughter) and Jake Dungan.


San Angelo and Mendy pouring the nitro.


Clutch man Mario Campos without a job ... at the moment. His tasks begin after the car makes a run.


Cole Coonce, Whit Bazemore, Troy Green and Sean Bellemeur.






Morning track prep.




Erik McMorrow and Rick


Gorman Green (aka Junior), Troy Green and Mendy


Maria Stevens pins the memorial pins on hubby Walt.



Adding oil, packing the chutes.






Getting ready for the first warm-up of the weekend.



Mendy climbing into her office.


The traditional High Speed crew pep talk over the engine. Rick in Tom's place.




All was good.






As the nitro fumes filled the pit, the place cleared out.





Amanda Wakefield ( team hospitality and tee shirts with Alanna Kuhn.





Sean pouring over the stored data to choose the best tune-up.


Tracie Dobson, Tom’s neice/Carol’s youngest daughter, Carol, Patrick, Angela Reeves and Stephanie.







A perk of Alanna's position is she gets to drive the car to the staging lanes and back to the pits after a pass.




The team en masse heading for the car’s first pass without Tom at the helm.



Da Girls
























As planned, Mendy left hard and ran it to half track which supplied the needed data.






Following routine maintenance from the test, it was another warm-up ritual before the first qualifying session.












Mendy's office sans Mendy




For the first session Mendy was matched with Adam Sorokin in the Champion Speed Shop car.






The Team doing their best Grubnick impression on the starting line.







At the other end it it was Mendy carding a 5.66 at 222 which would hold through both sessions as #1. Sorokin ran a 5.91 at 210 which would hold for #2.






The High Speed team chose to sit the 2nd qualifying session out, standing on Mendy's earlier 5.66 at 222 which held for the #1 spot. They instead, prepared for eliminations.


Call to warm-up for round one.










One more team HURAH and it was race time.









Being the #1 qualifier, Mendy got the round one bye.
























BAM! Low ET, #1






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