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As he has done so many times before, Sean helps Mendy suit up.




Round two found Mendy paired up with Tyler Hilton.








After the burnout Robert Hilton noticed a broken rear axle mount on the Great Expectations III and told his son to stage in case Mendy faltered but not to leave. She didn't and the car was shut off.







Mendy legged it to the traps carding a 5.614 at 247.34 moving her to another final.






For the final Arlene went to the top of the tower to get the big picture of an epic race. It was Mendy and Adam. Where have we heard that before?




Fire 'em up, roll 'em out.

















The best leaver in the class didn't disappoint. Sorokin put .060 in the bank leaving Mendy to play catch-up.







Mendy caught the wounded Sorokin at the 900' mark after the auto shutoff system went off on the Champion car at 700ft mark and shut the engine off. Post race all the data was normal. All they could figure was a short in the system.

Mendy carded low ET and top speed of the meet for the event win and the 2019 Heritage Top Fuel championship. Her 5.604 at 258.07 beat Sorokin's dead in the water 5.980 at 186.54.





Not quite a mosh pit, but there were lots of hugs, cheers and looks of relief.



Being the classs act they are, Bob McLennan and the Champion Speed Shop team are the first to join the celebration.




The rest of this page is for the team, especially the Shelar family.
We'll just call it "Winners Circle"










































Everytime you saw the High Speed car make a pass you would see Tom on this scooter speeding to the top end to meet his driver.










*Side note from my editor, Bob Brown. "I’ll bet I know what was in those mason jars they were drinking from. My A/Fuel buddies from Tulsa (Grand Prix injected nitro car) always bring a few jars of homemade moonshine to the CHRR and the MM. The home-printed labels call it “Apple Pie” and it’s a regional favorite in Oklahoma."











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