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This appearance in Long Beach, CA was coordinated by one of the High Speed Motorsports sponsors, Curtis & Christensen Auto Parts. The benefit was hosted by the Sultans Car Club of Long Beach with the Long Beach K-9 Officers Association. 100% of all proceeds went to the support, training and purchase of police K-9 dogs. The High Speed Motorsports team displayed the car from 9am - 2pm and fired it twice. They also had numerous people sit in the car and take pictures. Driver, Sean Bellemeur also took pictures and signed autographs. The event include a very cool K-9 demonstration. The dogs did some drug / bomb sniffing, car searches and suspect take downs. The HSMS team will be back next year if their schedule permits.




Although the weather was overcast, there was a large turn out of hot rodders and fans.



Brett Johansen with one of the many visitors who got to sit in the car.


Preparing for a fire-up.


In the car was the president or one of the officers of the Sultans Car Club. He was all smiles and joking till just before they started the car, then got a very serious look - "what was I thinking" kind of look.





As always, the sound of a 3000 horsepower dragster engine on nitro attracts everyone in sight.







Sean presented a check from High Speed Motor Sports to the K-9 Officers assn. / MC of the event.




Through out the day the dogs went through their paces - They use the Belgian Malinois almost exclusively for the K-9 patrols. They are amazing dogs, between 22" and 26" tall and only 50-60 lbs - but in one of the demonstrations a single dog pulls a grown man all the way out of a culvert pipe by the guys foot! After you see thisdemonstration a half dozen others, you will do EXACTLY what any K-9 officer tells you to do! Those dogs just love their jobs too. LB K-9 also has bloodhounds - Lucy is the famous one, but there was a puppy there too.



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