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This appearance in Long Beach, CA was coordinated by one of the High Speed Motorsports sponsors, Curtis & Christensen Auto Parts. The benefit was hosted by the Sultans Car Club of Long Beach with the Long Beach K-9 Officers Association. 100% of all proceeds went to the support, training and purchase of police K-9 dogs. The Plaza Hotel team displayed the car from 9am - 2pm and fired it twice, had numerous people sit in the car and take pictures. Driver, Sean Bellemeur also took pictures and signed autographs. The event include a very cool K-9 demonstration. The dogs did some drug / bomb sniffing, car searches and suspect take downs. Pretty awesome day. The HSMS team will be back next year if their schedule permits.



Co-owner Walt Stevens preps the car for its 2pm fire-up.



Sean and Tom fill the tank with 94% Nitromethane.


There was a constant flow of folks wanting to know all about the car and its sponsors. Brett Johansen, along with the rest of the crew, answered a multitude of questions.


Co-owner Tom Shelar helps regular driver, Sean Bellemeur into the car.



Brett primes the engine and hits the remote starter.


While the 3000 HP engine cackles nitro, the crew monitors it on a data computer.





Some folks in the crowd braved the noise - others plugged their ears.





After four minutes the engine was shut off and the crowd applauded. There's nothing on earth like the sound of a Top Fuel car and for those hearing one for the first time its an experience they never forget.



These are three shots of a very sweet elderly lady who was quite intrigued with the car. Brett Johansen asked her if she wanted to sit in the car and before he knew it she had just about jumped into the seat without a bit of help. Her name is Betty Baker.


Betty wanted to know all about how the car actually worked and what all the controls were for. It's little things like this that make public appearance so worth while.




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