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Mendy Fry - Driver

Born: Santa Rosa, CA May 24, 1969

Resides: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Controller/CPA
Favorite Tracks: Famoso Raceway and Sears Point Int'l Raceway. I also really miss Fremont.
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Music: New Wave, Alternative Rock, & Glam Rock
Hobbies: #1 is drag racing. #2 is making stuff with my hands and tools (furniture, yard art, gardening, etc.)


Frymore Racing Top Alcohol Dragster

1988: Unofficial TAD ET record, 6,15 seconds, Fremont, CA

Fry Racing Super Street '27 Roadster

1990: Winner, Goodguys Hot Rod Nationals

Mastercam Top Fuel Dragster

2004: Winner, Claudie Meador Top Fuel Shootout, Great Bend, Kansas.

2004: First female 5-second ET in a AA/Fuel Dragster at 5.87 seconds. Top Speed of 251 mph, which earned Fry entry into the Nitronic Research 250 Mph Club.

Future Flash Funny Car

2008: Runner-up, Las Vegas Speed Spectacular, Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Smokey's Darkside Nitro Funny Car

2015: Winner, Saturday Night Nitro. Famoso Raceway.

High Speed Motorsports Top Fuel Dragster

2017: Winner, Good Vibrations March Meet, Famoso Raceway.

Best ET: 5.759, Good Vibrations March Meet, Famoso Raceway, March 2017 (High Speed Motorsports TF dragster)
Best Speed: 252 mph (same event)

Tom Shelar - HSMS C.O.O & Team Manager

Born: February 18 1959
Resides: Van Nuys, CA
Duties: HSMS C.O.O., Team Engineer / Manager
Family: Son :Patrick ,Siblings: (Carol, Larry, Rick)
Favorite tracks: Bakersfield, Bowling Green, Indy, Boise
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Food: Steak and Sushi

Racing History

Sean Bellemeur - Asst. Crew Chief

Born: September 15, 1981
Resides: Tustin, CA
Occupation: Training and Tech Engineer, Cad/Cam Consulting Services
Family: Ashley (wife), Peyton & Kiera (daughters)
Pets: Lucy (Beagle)
Years with HSMS: 16
Duties: Asst. Crew Chief, Clutch, Test Driver
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Tracks: Pomona, Charolette
Favorite Music: Rock
Hobbies: Driving Alcohol Funny Cars, Sports, Fishing & Family

Racing History

Rick Shelar - Car Chief

Resides: Lancaster, CA
Occupation: Retired
Family: Domenica (Wife) Daughter: Stephanie, Siblings: (Carol, Larry, Tom)
Years with HSMS: 12
Duties: Car Chief, left head
Favorite Food: Mexican & Italian
Favorite Tracks: Bowling Green & Famoso
Favorite Music: Rock
Hobbies: Home improvements, racing

Walt Stevens - Floater

Born: 8/16/39
Reside: Sylmar.CA
Occupation: Retired, former owner A & A Precision,CNC MACH
Duties: Floater and having fun
Family: Wife - Maria, Daughter - Cynthia, Grand Kids - Desiree, Son - Jim
Favorite Tracks: Pomona, Bakersfield
Favorite Music: Classic Rock
Favorite Food: Mexican & a good steak

Hobbies, Going to the sprint car races when not running the HSMS dragster and making sprint car parts.

Racing History

Frankie Hedge - Heads, Floater

Born: 02.17.1962
Resides: Bakersfield, CA
Occupation: Merchant Mariner
Duties: Wings, Heads, Floater, Truck
Family: Wife - Rebecca, Dad - "Root Beer" Hedge
Favorite tracks: Lions, Irwindale, Bakersfield and Bowling Green
Favorite Music: Most anything but rap
Favorite Food: Cal. Mexican
Hobbies: God, Family and Racing

Larry Shelar - Tow Vehicle Prep

Carol Dobson - Tow Vehicle Prep

Born: 8/1/1947
Resides: Iowa
Occupation: Retired
Family Brothers: Rick, Tom, Larry Shelar Daughters and their families:
Amy, Dezirae and Dakota Tracie and Greg, Liberty Jennifer and Paul, Charlee Mary and Mike, Mikey and Trinity
Favorite Food: Don't have favorite one...I just like to eat
Favorite Tracks: Bowling Green, Fomosa
Favorite Music: Don't have favorite one...I like most
Hobbies: Knit, crochet, quilting, camping and of course racing with my family

Al Renteria Jr. - Tires, Body

Born: 4.26.75
Resides: Santa Clarita, CA
Occupation: Retired
Duties: Tires & Body
Family: 2 boys, 1 daughter
Favorite tracks: Bowling Green
Favorite Music: Metal
Favorite Food: Mexican
Hobby: Drag Racing

Arlene Eliason - Team Photographer

Born: Jan 16 in Arcata, CA
Resides: Anaheim, CA
Occupation: Sales Manager, Mastercam
Family: 2 cats, 1 Appaloosa, Mom & Dad, Brother, Sister & Brother-in-law, 2 nephews
Favorite food: Mariscos
Favorite Music: If singing, A Cappella vocal; if listening, Classic Rock
Hobbies: Horse Camping, Gardening
Favorite tracks: Bakersfield and Bowling Green, KY

Racing History

Eric Mc Morrow - Fluids, Floater

Born: Nov. 1
Resides: Peoria, AZ
Occupation: Building Inspector
Pet: Joey (dog)
Favorite food: Mexican
Faviroite Music: Hard Rock
Favorite tracks: Speedword & Bakersfield
Hobbies: Drag Racing & Hot Rods

Jake Dungan - Bottom End

Born: 4.19.2000
Resides: Anaheim, CA
Occupation: Student
Family: Angle Reeves, Jullian
Pet: Joey (dog)
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite tracks: Bakersfield
Hobbies: Fishing, Watersking & Drag Racing

Kyle Wakefield - Bottom End

Born: 03.04.1990
Resides: Winchester, CA
Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator
Family: Elsie, David, 4 brothers, 1 sister
Pet: Duke (dog)
Favorite food: Italian
Favorite Music: Country, Metalica
Favorite tracks: Bowling Green
Hobbies: Boating, Drag Racing

Don Anderson aka Donnie Ho - Cylinder Heads

Born: 11.06.1965
Resides: Temecula, CA
Occupation: Jack of All Trades
Family: Aunt Patty, Uncle Garland

Favorite food: Boysenbarry Pie
Favorite Music: Country, Rock n Roll
Favorite tracks: Bowling Green
Hobbies: Fishing, Bowling, Drag Racing

Angela Reeves - Hospitality

Born: 04.10.1971
Resides: Temecula, CA
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Family: Jake & Jullian Dungan
Pet: Duke (dog)
Favorite food: Steak, Sea Food
Favorite Music: Country, Classic Rock
Favorite tracks: Famoso
Hobbies: Boating, Baking

Amanda Miller - Hospitality

Pete Palumbo

Born: New York City
Resides: Calimesa, CA
Occupation: Retired
Duties: Wings, change oil, clean car
Family: Wife - Cece, Son - Pete, Daugher - Linda
Favorite tracks: Lions, San Gabe, Bakersfield,
Favorite Music: 50s - 60s Rock n Roll
Favorite Food: Mexican & Italian



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